Are you thinking, what are we talking about and what is this corflute? Before letting you know of all the benefits of corflute signs let us discuss what exactly it is. Slowly, we shall be touching upon other important points. So, read till the end:

What are Corflute Signs?

Corflute Signs in Brisbane could be defined as light weight signage boards in varied colors that are used temporarily in places. When you know you will remove the sign board after a time then you need not invest in 3D Signs in Brisbane. What you can do is invest in something that is light weight and can be taken from one place to another. For this,corflute is best.

Now let us get back to our main topic. Let us now find out whether or not one should be investing in Corflute signs.

Corflute Signs Brisbane

Benefits of Corflute signs:


When you are organizing an event or doing a construction of building or anything like that then you have a budget to which you have to stick through. Not being cost effective may lead to money being spent, haphazardly.

Corflute Signs in Brisbane is cost effective and will not take a huge bite off your budget. So, this goes without saying that it is the cost effective way of putting up signs. Since, you will be removing it why install it? Why get something that is permanent or too difficult to remove? Corflute are easy to install and easy to remove. It is light weight so you can also carry it and keep in the storeroom or basement, once the work is done. If your personal choice is to have Corflute Signs in Brisbane permanently then go ahead with it. It is your choice to get experimental.


It is cost effective! You will have to pay less than what you pay for technologically advanced forms of signage. But this does not mean that corflute is not durable. It is long lasting and you can use it for a long time. So, if you are looking for something that is durable and at the same time low in price and solves the purpose then you know what you have got to do. However, things may be different for Corflute Signs in Brisbane when it is windy. In windy environment the signage may bend and warp. So, if you are setting up your event in open space and it may be windy then think about it. Go for some other alternative.

Easy to Install

When you have corflute signs then installation is not an issue. You can relax and know that there is no hassle-laden installation process. All you have to do is get it ready from a company that has attained distinction in this field. There are many in Brisbane and you may have your pick. However, if you are looking for on-point perfection then it is Distinctive Signs that you must choose. For sure Distinctive Signs have distinction in Corflute Signs in Brisbane.

Whether it is Corflute Road Signs or event signage, everything is done here and is delivered on time.

Problems in Corflute Signs

There are certain problems in Corflute signs that we must know of. No doubt the good things are there with such signs but let us know how it may be a problem to use. This way you will know when to use it and how to use it.

Light weight

This is both the good point and the bad point of it. Corflute signs are light weight and it can be carried from one place to another. So, if you have a flexible idea about placing the sign then this is something that will go with the flexibility. But on windy days this could be a problem. With strong winds, the sign will not be stable and it may just dwindle down. In such situations, Corflute Signs in Brisbane is not a wise thing to go for.


Corflute signs are mostly made in plastic. There is aluminum composite being used in place of plastic but it is rare. At large, it is plastic that is used. With time, people have grown in awareness for climate and environment and why should not they! So, if you are going for plastic corflute signs then you may consider your contribution of plastic to the environment. In case, you will be re-using the corflute for long,you may go ahead with it.


In case you are looking for vibrant colors and high resolution graphics then corflute signs may not come out that vibrant. It has slightly lower color resolution. But this may differ from companies to companies. There could be some brands getting you beautiful Corflute Signs in Brisbane.

These were three major issues that you may face when you get corflute signs. However, it is a great thing to ahead with. I am sure you are all excited for the New Year and looking ahead to achieving your goals.

Signs are important and no matter what kind of sign you are using, it is something that we all need. Business is one things where signs become indispensable. So, get your sign game strong and leave no stoneunturned here.

Sometimes, sign is the very first thing that your customer will notice about you. Corflute Signs in Brisbaneis one option. Apart from this, there are many other that you can go for. Options range from 3D, LED to decals. Choose from wide range of options. Get in touch with Distinctive Signs. Choosing from limited options may not be as fun.Now is not the time to limit yourself. With Distinctive Signs, you get the sign of your choice. Get experimental with us. Contact us and get the work delivered on time!