From our inception as Caboolture Signs in 1991 to our evolution into Distinctive Signs, we’ve built a legacy that’s anchored in expertise and dedication. With over 28 years in the signage industry, we have earned our reputation as leading, accredited signage specialists.Β Our journey reflects continuous growth and innovation. As we expanded our horizons, we embraced the cutting-edge, ensuring that our technological capabilities always match the demands of a dynamic market. This evolution included introducing LS Wraps to our portfolio, a testament to our commitment to offer comprehensive solutions.

Our growth story isn’t just about milestones and transformations. At its core, it’s about our commitment to our clients. Each step we’ve taken, from rebranding to adopting new technologies, has been directed towards ensuring we provide the best for those who trust us with their brand. It is this dedication to excellence and client satisfaction that has garnered us longstanding relationships and repeat business.

Today, as Distinctive Signs paired with the prowess of LS Wraps, we remain a beacon of professionalism in the industry. We invite businesses, whether longstanding partners or new collaborators, to experience the synergy of creativity and precision that we bring to the table.

Welcome to a world where your brand’s vision is crafted with expertise, distinction, and a commitment to excellence.

The Blueprint

Our Vision

We aspire to amplify our reach, consistently delivering top-tier services and products to clients both local and international. At the heart of our growth lies an unwavering commitment to creativity, ensuring each endeavor is distinct and impactful. Our goal is to foster enduring relationships with corporate clients, always grounded in integrity, innovation, and a touch of levity.

Our Mission

At Distinctive Signs & LS Wraps, our ambition is to stand at the forefront of the wrap and signage industries, consistently setting benchmarks for excellence. We are committed to driving our clients’ business growth through superior and cost-effective branding solutions. With a team comprising trade-qualified sign writers and seasoned professionals, we pledge to prioritize our clients at every juncture, ensuring timely and impeccable service delivery without compromise.

Our Culture

At Distinctive Signs & LS Wraps, our culture thrives on a harmonious blend of fun and creativity, underpinned by a profound sense of purpose. We believe that the most imaginative solutions emerge from an environment that encourages playful innovation. Yet, our ultimate goal transcends beyond our vibrant workspace – it’s about amplifying the essence of our clients’ brands. We take pride in being the creative force behind our customers’ growth, ensuring their narratives shine brightly in the marketplace.

Distinctive Signs

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